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11 Henzell Road Caboolture (opposite the Caboolture Car Wash)

Tyres for All Vehicles ...FREE puncture repairs on all  passenger vehicles

We Sell Every Brand and Type of Tyre that is available in Australia

for Passenger Cars, SUV, 4X4, All Trucks, Agriculture and Mining.

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Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balencing and Rim Fitting

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The THREE basic factors that identify a tyre which will give you good value for your money

1.     TREAD:- it is only there for wet conditions. If we had no rain we would not need tread. However, for off road conditions there is a need for a more aggressive tread (All Terrain) to combat the rough / muddy ground. So good tread is essential for bitumen in the wet and for grip off road.

2.     SIDE WALL:- This is the working part of the tyre. With every revolution of the tyre, the side wall flexes, this is what keeps the tread in contact with the road (foot print). If not constructed correctly, side-wall damage can be caused by colliding, for instance, with the gutter or potholes. This will cause rapid deflation; the rim can then destroy the tyre wall within a couple of revolutions.

3.     RUBBER COMPOUND:- This is what the tyre is made out of. It is a hard-wearing rubber mixture designed for longevity, the better the compound the more mileage you will get from your tyres


Quality tyres have all the above and help make for a great-wearing and safe tyre. Inferior tyres have a lesser quality in at least one of these factors.

Here at CABOOLTURE DISCOUNT TYRES we do not stock tyres, unless they meet the three major construction conditions.

So, we sell  QUALITY TYRES at a discount price,  NOT "cheap" tyres. Yes, you pay a low price and you get a well manufactured tyre, that will give you value for money..

Remember buy cheap, pay twice